The SCVA hopes that our families are staying safe and healthy during this time. The safety of our members is our top priority. The SCVA continues to follow the updates and status of COVID-19, and the recommendations put forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and our local governments. At this time, Governor Newsom of the State of California has ordered “all individuals living in the State of California to stay home or at their place of residence.” As a “non-essential-business” the SCVA offices are closed. The employees of the SCVA do not have access to data, files, and programs outside of the offices, as high security measures were put in place to protect personal and identifying data. The SCVA will continue to release as much information as possible during this closure. The SCVA will not go against recommendations provided by the CDC, or violate any orders issued by the state or local governments.
At this time, the following regional events are to be rescheduled:
1. Girls 18s – Mandatory 2 – Saturday, March 14th
2. Girls 17s – Mandatory 2 – Sunday, March 15th
3. Girls 12s – Mandatory 2 – Saturday, March 21st
4. Girls 13s – Mandatory 2 – Sunday, March 22nd
5. Girls 14s – Mandatory 2 – Saturday or Sunday, March 21st or 22nd
6. Boys 12s – Points Tournament – Saturday, March 21st
7. Boys 14s – Points Tournament – Saturday, March 21st
8. Girls 16s – Mandatory 2 – Saturday, April 18th
9. Girls 18s – Mandatory 3 – Saturday, April 18th or Sunday, April, 19th
10. Girls 15s – Mandatory 2 – Sunday, April; 19th
11. Girls 14s – Mandatory 3 – Saturday, April 25th
12. Girls 13s – Mandatory 3 – Sunday, April 26th
13. Girls 17s – Mandatory 3 – Sunday, April 26th
The SCVA is considering stacking these postponed events on the same day: one age division would play in the morning wave, while another played in the afternoon, or the possibility of playing on Friday afternoons. At this time, the SCVA has no intention of extending the SCVA Junior Club season into July.

The CDC has recommended that gatherings of 50 people or more not take place for the next 7 weeks. In accordance with this recommendation, the Red Rock Rave Revived has been cancelled. However, the SCVA has secured the Mandalay Bay Convention Center for May 30th – June 1st, and June 5th – 7th. The SCVA will return to using the Red Rock Rave 1 and the Red Rock Rave 2, using the new dates. All teams that were previously entered into the Red Rock Rave 1 and the Red Rock Rave 2 will remain in the event. The events will reopen for online registration at on Monday, March 30th at 9AM (PST). The SCVA apologizes for all of the inconveniences this may cause with travel arrangements.
The Red Rock Rave 1, May 30th – June 1st will host the following age divisions:
1. 18Open, 18USA, and 18American
2. 17Open, 17USA, and 17American
3. 16Open, 16USA, and 16American
The Red Rock Rave 2, June 5th – 7th will host the following divisions:
1. 15Open, 15USA, and 15American
2. 14Open, 14USA, and 14American
3. 13Open, 13USA, and 13American
4. 12National and 12American
5. 11National
Since USA Volleyball has extended the qualifying season, and postponed the Girls 18s Junior National Championships to June 23rd – 25th (Reno, Nevada), the SCVA will be awarding bids in all age divisions. If your club and/or team cannot attend the newly scheduled Red Rock Rave 1 or the Red Rock Rave 2, please email the SCVA at [email protected] The SCVA will remove your club/team from the event, and process a refund as quickly as possible. The MGM properties and KC Sports Housing are aware of the new event dates and are prepared to make the necessary adjustments. Clubs/teams will need to create new room blocks with KC Sports Housing for the new event dates.

Each year, our club community faces adversity and adjusts. This year, the challenge we are facing is much larger, unprecedented, and changes on a daily basis. Hopefully, we can all adapt and overcome this challenge as well. The SCVA is attempting to save what remains of the 2019-2020 SCVA Junior Club season, in a safe and approved environment, so that our coaches, officials, trainers, athletes, and families can return to the sport that they love.

The SCVA hopes that all of our families remain safe and healthy during this pandemic.  Please follow the guidelines set forth from the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  The CDC highly recommends the following actions be taken to prevent the spread of the virus:

  1. Avoid getting close to anyone coughing or sneezing.
  2. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  4. Cover your mouth with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue away, and then wash your hands.
  5. Stay home if you are sick.
  6. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
  7. Monitor the WHO and CDC websites for travel advisories.

Additional information can be found on the following websites:
USA Volleyball:
An active page that is being updated by USA Volleyball can be found at the following link:
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Updates:
World Health Organization (WHO):

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