April 29, 2020

To All Club Directors, Parents, Families, and Members of SCVA:

We don’t want to mince our words. This is hard. We feel it with every email, meeting, and conversation. We know how important volleyball is to all of you. We know how passionate you are about the sport, and above all, we know that it’s much more than a sport. For many of us, it’s our lives. It’s how we met our partners. It’s how we’ve formed our families. It’s how we truly stay connected. We know all that because for the last 30+ years, we’ve felt the exact same way. Which is why, in all honesty, this next sentence is so incredibly difficult for us to write.

We regret to inform you that the Red Rock Rave has officially been CANCELLED. Here’s a few things we can address at this time:

1. Nevada joined the Western States Coalition, and Governor Sisolak of Nevada emphasized stricter measures of social distancing, and shelter in place which is now in effect until the end of May.

2. The MGM has agreed to carryover our contracts and security deposits to 2021, meaning that each team registered will receive a refund minus $75.

3. These will be directed at offsetting the cost of awards and unsold merchandise, which were purchased months ago and are nonrefundable

4. The housing department is cancelling reservations and working on processing refunds. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact KC Sports Housing directly at [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

We’re deeply sorry we have to deliver this sad news. While we understand that this cancellation is 100% necessary to save lives, and is minimal compared to the afflictions many around the world are experiencing with COVID-19, it still hurts. We’re hurting with you, but through the hurt, let’s do our part together.

Stay home and stay safe. We’ll be bumping, spiking, eating teriyaki bowls, tik tok-ing between games, and complaining about bad calls and poor tournament seeding soon enough. Yes, we even miss that part, too.

Best until we’re back again,