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Live-streaming the matches for your daughter has so many benefits! Fans from anywhere will be able to tune in to watch. Plus, these films will be posted to the SoCal LIVE Articles for players to download and create a highlight reel! 

If you are doing the streaming, Thank You!! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Iona Lofrano (in your GroupMe) for any questions or troubles that you are having. 

Helpful Tips:

  • Charge all the equipment
  • Download MEVO App – Google Play
  • Download MEVO App – Itunes
  • Mevo Instructions and Tutorials
  • Place the tripod directly behind the end-line (some gyms will not allow this)
  • How far the camera should be from the court. 
  • Set up the equipment early so that when the game starts, you only have to push the “Go Live” button!
  • Leave the live-stream going between sets so it’s all one video People watching would have to go find the second/third set on the website/FB
  • Plug in your phone to the external battery before you start the stream, it sucks up a lot of power! The SoCal batteries get turned on from the button on the upper right corner of the pack. 
  • Careful what you are saying close to the camera, they pick up everything!
  • Use your child/spouse’s phone so you are able to comment on the live-stream to update the scores. 
  • Title of Stream: Year – Age – Coach Name vs. Opponent (Set if needed)

EX. 2018 – 16-Sherry vs. Wave 16-Jason Set 2

  • Zoom in on the border of the court

This is without zooming in – pretty difficult to see. 

This is zoomed in just on the court area. 


Below are step-by-step instructions to live-stream your daughters match including all the different possible technologies that you can use! 


  • Cell phone
  • Tripod
  • Battery Pack
  • MIFI (optional)
  • MEVO Camera (Optional)


  • Open FaceBook
  • Go to SoCal Volleyball Club (you will need to be made a contributor so please “Like” the page)
  • Scroll down to where it says “Write Something…”
  • Scroll to “Live Video” and tap
  • Add description of match Year – Age – Coach Name vs. Opponent 
  • Start Live Video
  • Zoom in to get a better view of the court. 


  • Wifi (some convention centers)Connect your phone to the wifi. Open MEVO app and select “Configure”Connect the Mevo to Wifi (they need to match)Once configured, you will press “connect” to match the phone and mevo (though the app) From the app, start live stream on the FB page (SoCal Volleyball Club, it will have you login to your own FB page then give you the option to choose SoCal) and title Year – Age – Coach Name vs. Opponent (Set if needed)Zoom in (on the app) to get a better view of the court. Plug in the Mevo to the battery pack in the case as they lose power in about an hour. 

Title of Stream: 

Year – Age – Coach Name vs. Opponent (Set if needed)

EX. 2018 – 16-Sherry vs. Wave 16-Jason Set 2