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Mevo Camera Diagram
Attach the Mevo to the Mount
Mounting Mevo to a Stand or Tripod
What Distance Should Mevo Be from my Event
How Do I Charge the Mevo’s Battery?
Turn the Mevo Camera On and Off
Launching the Mevo App
Connect To Mevo in Hotspot / 4G-LTE Mode
Connect to Mevo With a Local Wi-Fi Network
I’m New to Streaming. What Best Practices Do You Recommend?
Stream to Facebook Live with Mevo
Checking Mevo’s Battery Level
Mevo Turns off on Its Own
Can I Charge My Mevo While I Record or Stream?
Best Practices For Great Audio
Preserving Your Mobile Device’s Battery While Using Mevo
Can I Run the App in the Background While Streaming?
Zoom In and Zoom Out
Find & Navigate Settings
Adjusting the Camera’s Image