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A skills video is a 2-5 minute video of you doing reps in each of your best skills.  You don’t need a lot of resources to make a great skills video.  

Here’s an example of a professional skills video shot by an in-house SoCal videographer, Nes Rodriguez.  To use his services, click HERE.

Here’s what you need to do it on your own:

-a court 
-a setter (if you’re a hitter) 
-someone to video-tape you 
-a tripod/monopod 
-an iphone/go-pro/video camera 

What to do

  1. Start with a short introduction, like, “Hi, my name is Aimee and I’m a 5’10 class of 2020 outside hitter.  My GPA is 4.0 and I would love to play college volleyball.  I hope you enjoy my skills video!”.  Keep it short and sweet.  Be colorful, fun and interesting.  Don’t be monotone or nervous.  
  2. Tape yourself doing 5 quality reps of a few different skills that you’re great at.  If you’re an outside hitter, start the film off with 5 big kills on the outside. Make sure to hit in the middle and the right side – you never know what position a coach might see you in! It’s OK if you have to start and stop between reps- your reps don’t have to be uninterrupted.  
  3. Include some passing, defense and serving.  Don’t linger too long on these skills, unless of course you’re a libero or a defensive specialist, in which case it’s appropriate to show off a multitude of situational skills (ie: digging line, run-thru’s, dig/dive/roll, serve receive).  
  4. Don’t overthink your production.  You do not need music, transitions, intros/outros. Coaches literally just want to see you play volleyball!  
  5. Use iMovie to edit your clips together, and upload your movie to YouTube!  Be sure to include the player’s full name, grad year, position, club and team name!