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In GroupMe we’ll post a specific hotel block link. Each team is required to book a minimum number of rooms by the Tournament to participate.

For multi-day Support the Sport tournaments* there are strict hotel requirements. Our governing body, the SCVA, holds a number of hotel rooms. Of those hotels, clubs “block off” rooms temporarily for teams. Your team must reserve a minimum number of those rooms by the housing deadline, otherwise your team can be disqualified from the tournament.  

The GroupMe link is in a calendar event that looks like this:

Upcoming calendar events are listed under your team’s GroupMe icon for future reference.

Up to 1,400 junior teams compete for these rooms, and the housing selection varies per tournament. Of the hotels available, the club considers location and affordability when blocking rooms, ultimately, we do the best we can when making our “hotel wish list” but the tournament housing company, ultimately gives us what is available for the amount of rooms that we request. 

As a Club, we realize that it might be difficult to travel to the away tournaments as family.  Many teams participate in team only rooms – where girls of the same team, travel and stay together with a team chaperone.   Team members then split the cost of the room, and are under the watchful eye of chaperone parents that are entrusted to attend.  

The benefits of this arrangement are plenty.  

  • Teams are able to spend true quality time with one another – which leads to better communication on and off the court.  
  • Team dinners and team activities are easier to coordinate, as there is a smaller number of people to accommodate.  
  • It makes travel more affordable.  Families only send their player, and do not have the expense of taking time off from work, accommodating other siblings, and added expenses of housing and feeding additional family members.
  • Through the use of parent volunteers , SoCal lives streams as many away tournaments as possible through our Facebook live feed.  This allows parents not to “miss out” on watching their daughter play, by allowing them to view each match from the comfort of their own home.  
  • Allows players the opportunity to be responsible – for their own gear, their own timeliness, without depending solely on their parent to help them.  

If you are interested in rooming as a team, please coordinate chaperones, reimbursement, and rooming assignments in your team Group Me in order to reserve your rooms by the cutoff date. Rooms are held by placing a credit card to hold the room,  Usually, a one night deposit per room, is taken at some point prior to the tournament (though sometimes upon reservation)  and this is explained when making each separate accommodation.   Each different tournament, has different housing deadlines, and unique hotel cancellation deadlines, should your plans change.  

Every family has unique accommodation needs. So as club policy, we don’t dictate where your family stays for tournaments, and don’t require your team stays in the same hotel, as long as the minimum number of rooms are booked by your team. That said, many families opt to stay together for team bonding.