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If you’re using the GroupMe App (for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone) you will receive in-app messages or push notifications. These are delivered to the GroupMe app using your data plan.


If you choose to receive SMS, messages will be delivered as text messages and will count towards your text plan in the same way as normal SMS messages. SMS is currently supported within the United States only.

If you have a smart phone, we recommend using the app. GroupMe’s worked really hard at making their apps an awesome experience, and lots of features were recently implemented just aren’t available with SMS. Using SMS, you’re missing out on sharing pictures, videos, our custom emoji, gifs, and so much more.

How do I change the way my messages are delivered?

iOS & Android:

Swipe right and then tap Settings Message delivery.

Windows Phone:

Tap the three dots at the bottom right and then tap Settings. Swipe right across the top of the menu into Applications and then tap Delivery.