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How to Get a Volleyball Scholarship?

Earning a volleyball scholarship has a lot do with finding the right program. With hundreds of programs, chances are good that there is a school looking for a player like you, but the chances that a coaching staff will find you are very low. Learn more about how to communicate with coaches the right way and get the opportunities you deserve.

Getting College Coaches to Watch You Play

Volleyball coaches use large tournaments to go out and watch the players they have already been in contact with. Lots of players ask coaches to come to their games, but few succeed. Set yourself apart from the competition with this strategy.

How the College Volleyball Recruiting Process Works

Success in the volleyball recruiting process relies heavily on gaining the right exposure. Athletes who play club volleyball assume that coaches are watching them at their tournaments, but the reality is that there are too many players at each tournament for coaches to be able to focus on any one person. If you want the opportunities you deserve, here are the steps you need to take.

Making Sure You Meet the Academic Eligibility Requirements

Volleyball coaches want to keep their team GPA high. The only way to show them that you can help them toward this goal is to be well above these basic standards.

How Good do You Have to be?

These are the general guidelines for what coaches look for in volleyball players at each position. You will find players that don’t meet these standards at every level, but these are the averages.


  • All-American
  • All-Region
  • All-State
  • All-League/District
  • Club team experience at the national level


  • All-State
  • All-League/District
  • Club team experience at the national/regional level.


  • All-League/District
  • Club team experience. 

How Many Volleyball Scholarships are Available at Each Level?

Volleyball can offer some of the best scholarship opportunities if you know where to look. Each division level and school has a different amount of scholarships to offer.  Not all colleges that are eligible to offer scholarships will choose to do so. For example, Ivy League schools choose not to offer athletic scholarships.

Women’s volleyball is a head count sport in NCAA DI only, which means all scholarships in NCAA DI are full scholarships.

Women’s Volleyball




Women’s Volleyball

NCAA DI: 330



NAIA: 219

NJCAA: 330

Total: 1,613

*NCAA Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships, but do offer other forms of financial aid.

What Are the Top Programs in Each Division?

On any given year, different programs can make a run at a conference or national championship. The following programs have consistently finished near the top and are home to some of the top recruits at their division level.

NCAA DI: Nebraska, Stanford, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas, UCLA, Florida, Penn State, Washington, San Diego, Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina

NCAA DII: Concordia-St. Paul, Tampa, Nebraska-Kearney, Minnesota Duluth, Wayne State, Palm Beach Atlantic, Western Washington, Lewis, Angelo State, Ferris State, Winona State, Grand Valley State, Southwest Minnesota State, Winona State, Washburn

NCAA DIII: Calvin, Emory, Northwestern-St. Paul, Tufts, Stevens, MIT, Mary Washington, Juniata, Wisconsin-Whitewater, Texas-Dallas, Cal Lutheran, Wisconsin-La Crosse, Gustavus Adolphus, Washington U. in St. Louis, Southwestern Texas

NAIA: Eastern Oregon, Park, Missouri Baptist, Indiana Wesleyan, Carroll, Hastings, Westmont, Grand View, Ottawa, Lindsey Wilson, Georgetown, Viterbo, Oklahoma City, Webber International, Lourdes.