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The recruitment process starts early, sometimes as soon as the 7th grade. Be proactive by playing year around on competitive club teams and reaching out to coaches. Send coaches letters and invite them to games starting Freshmen year. Starting early is the key for women’s volleyball. Stay persistent and work hard to land your roster spot on a collegiate volleyball roster.

Freshman Year

  • Research 2-3 schools per week
  • Create a list of 100 prospective schools consider both athletics and academics
  • Film highlights tape
  • Send introduction letters to coaches
  • Go on unofficial visits to colleges
  • Build relationships by making phone calls, send letters and emails
  • Attend summer camps with the goals of honing your skills and to gain exposure 
  • Have fun and learn! 

 Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • Coaches are watching your development throughout high school at camps, in school and on the court
  • Standouts are proactive, it’s never too early for YOU to write a letter or make a call to coaches
  • DI and DII coaches can’t personally contact you until Junior year, but YOU can contact them
  • DIII and NAIA coaches can contact you at anytime
  • Important to do be familiar with the school both athletically and academically

 Club Volleyball and Exposure

Sophomore Year

  • Film your highlights tape
  • Narrow your list of schools
  • Get an evaluation of your skills tape
  • Continue to research prospective schools
  • Continue to build relationships by making calls, sending letters, emails
  • Fill out questionnaires
  • Make unofficial visits

Rules/Tips to Remember:

September 1st of Junior year marks the first day DI and DII coaches can send you personalized letters and emails

Junior Year

  • Make official visits – only allowed 5
  • Film your highlights tape
  • Follow-up with coaches you’ve contacted in a TIMELY manner
  • Find camps to join
  • Continue to call, email, send letters to coaches
  • Ask coaches where you stand on their recruits list
  • Fill out questionnaires
  • Respond to EVERY coach
  • Make unofficial visits to schools too 
  • Narrow down your prospective schools list

 Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • DI and top DII programs will make offers to top recruits during Junior year
  • DIII, NAIA and Junior Colleges do most of their recruiting during Senior year

Senior Year

  • Follow-up with coaches and respond in a TIMELY manner
  • Apply to the schools- applications
  • Apply for financial aid – starting Jan. 1st
  • Sign and Commit to a school and program (Signing period in April, last date is August 1st) 
  • Find out the summer workout schedule
  • Get ready for an experience of a lifetime