How Much Can I Play?

Your SoCal VBC Membership gives you unlimited volleyball training, make the most of it by playing! Here’s how:·       Attend all of your team’s practices.·       Attend other team’s practices. You’re welcome to join another team’s practice that matches your skill level by coordinating with the team’s coach beforehand, or reach [...]

Do You Offer Strength and Agility Training?

If you have aches, pains, or just feel like you could be moving better, come see Gwen Alden, PT for a free movement evaluation. She’s more than your average Physical Therapist, she’s a Physical Therapist who knows volleyball -- she’s a coach, a mother of three SoCal players, and a former DI player herself. Schedule your appointment [...]

Does SoCal Offer a Sand Program?

We’re so lucky to live in Southern California where we can train outdoors year-round. SoCal has a beach training program that practices at Mission Hills Church. You can find the schedule here: Try your first session on us to be sure that you like it! 

Getting the Most Out of My Membership

If you think practice and tournaments are all you get from your SoCal VBC membership, you’re mistaken. You get MUCH MORE. Below are 10 ways to get the most out of your membership. Please use, enjoy, and let’s make this the best experience ever! 1. Be a gym rat | “You can’t hire someone to practice [...]

Paperwork and Forms

Find waivers, registration papers, and contract agreements for teams (National, Regional, Local, Fall Ball), clinics and rental programs. Find any of these forms on our website here

Register for Girls Fall Ball online!

Looking to participate on one of our Fall Ball teams? Follow the link below to get signed up for the free evaluations to join a team! Evaluations each year in August. Register for Fall Ball