GroupMe – How to leave a group

Here's how to remove yourself from a GroupMe group. Select the group you want to leave.Tap the group’s avatar in the top right corner or swipe left from the right side of the screen.Tap Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and then tap Leave Group.

GroupMe – How do I add new members to an existing group?

Add your family members to your team GroupMe message. In the group chat you want to add people to, select the avatar then select Members.Select the + plus icon (or Add Members), then search for the people you want to add by typing in their name, email or phone number.Select the person’s name to add [...]

GroupMe – Muting Notifications

Can I mute notifications per group? Can I mute all groups at once? The answer is YES! You can mute just one group in that specific group's Settings.You can mute all of the groups in your GroupMe global Settings.

GroupMe – Managing Push and SMS Notifications

Push/In-App: If you're using the GroupMe App (for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone) you will receive in-app messages or push notifications. These are delivered to the GroupMe app using your data plan. SMS: If you choose to receive SMS, messages will be delivered as text messages and will count towards your text plan in the [...]